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Sony SON16 Sony 16 Pin Car Stereo Head Unit Replacement Wiring Harness Power Plug Back Clip
Sony SON16 Sony 16 Pin Car Stereo Head Unit Replacement Wiring Harness Power Plug Back Clip
$14.99 $29.99
Sony SON16 Sony 16 Pin Car Stereo Head Unit Replacement Wiring Harness Power Plug Back Clip General Features: Interchange Metra SY2X8-0001 Mates directly with the Stereos Permits Integration with Car Harness 16-pin Connection for Wide-Ranging use. Connects to your Vehicle's Existing Harness Simple Installation of Your New Radio with this Harness During Installation There is no Need for Cutting Wires Connects the Car Stereo to the Aftermarket Stereo Harness Color-Coded Wires for Easy Installation Used as a Replacement to a Lost Sony Car Stereo Harness Includes 16 Pin Power and Speaker Plug with Factory Tight Connections Support for up to 4 Speakers that Delivers Powerful Audio While You're on the Road ABS Plastic, Copper, Vinyl and Aluminum Materials Provides Durability Plugs into Most Sony Stereo's Without Navigation Connection’s guide: Yellow – 12V Constant Red – 12V Accessory Black - Ground Orange – Dash Light Dimmer/Illumination Green – Lt Rear Speaker (+) Green with Black Stripe Lt Rear Speaker (-) White – Lt Front Speaker (+) White with Black Stripe – Lt Front Speaker (-) Purple – Rt Rear Speaker (+) Purple with Black Stripe – Rt Rear Speaker (-) Gray – Rt Front Speaker (+) Gray with Black Stripe – Rt Front Speaker (-) Compatible Radios: Will Fit Following Stereo Models: CDX-1200, CDX-1300, CDX-2180, CDX-3100, CDX-3600, CDX-3800, CDX-3900, CDX-4000, CDX-4000X, CDX-4005, CDX-4180, CDX-4480ESP, CDX-4483ESP, CDX-4800X, CDX-5000X, CDX-5070, CDX-5090, CDX-5100, CDX-5270, CDX-5290, CDX-5470, CDX-5490, CDX-C480, CDX-C490, CDX-C580, CDX-C590, CDX-C680, CDX-C880, CDX-C4750, CDX-C5000X, CDX-C5005, CDX-C5050X, CDX-C5055, CDX-C5750, CDX-C5850, CDX-C6600, CDX-C6750, CDX-C6800X, CDX-C6850, CDX-C7000X, CDX-C7050X, CDX-C7850, CDX-C8050X, CDX-CA400, CDX-CA530X, CDX-CA580X, CDX-CA600, CDX-CA600X, CDX-CA650, CDX-CA650X, CDX-CA660X, CDX-CA690X, CDX-CA700, CDX-CA700X, CDX-CA705M, CDX-CA710X, CDX-CA720X, CDX-CA730X, CDX-CA750, CDX-CA750X, CDX-CA760X, CDX-CA790X, CDX-CA810X, CDX-CA850X, CDX-CA860X, CDX-CA900, CDX-CA900X, CDX-F50M, CDX-F5000, CDX-F5005X, CDX-F5500, CDX-F5500X, CDX-F5505X, CDX-F5700, CDX-F5700X, CDX-F5710, CDX-F7000, CDX-F7005X, CDX-F7700, CDX-F7705X, CDX-FW500, CDX-FW570, CDX-FW700, CDX-GT71W, CDX-GT81UW, CDX-GT110, CDX-GT120, CDX-GT130, CDX-GT310, CDX-GT320, CDX-GT330, CDX-GT410U, CDX-GT420IP, CDX-GT420U, CDX-GT430IP, CDX-GT430U, CDX-GT500, CDX-GT510, CDX-GT520, CDX-GT530UI, CDX-GT610UI, CDX-GT620IP, CDX-GT620U, CDX-GT630UI, CDX-GT705DX, CDX-GT710, CDX-GT720, CDX-GT730UI, CDX-GT805DX, CDX-GT820IP, CDX-GT920U, CDX-GT930UI, CDX-HR70MS, CDX-HS70MW, CDX-H905IP, CDX-L250, CDX-L300, CDX-L350, CDX-L410X, CDX-L430X, CDX-L440B, CDX-L450X, CDX-L460X, CDX-L470X, CDX-L510X, CDX-L550X, CDX-L570X, CDX-L600X, CDX-L630X, CDX-M3DI, CDX-M10, CDX-M30, CDX-M50IP, CDX-M600, CDX-M600R, CDX-M610, CDX-M620, CDX-M630, CDX-M650, CDX-M670, CDX-M700R, CDX-M730, CDX-M750, CDX-M770, CDX-M800, CDX-M850MP, CDX-M8800, CDX-M8805X, CDX-MP30, CDX-MP40, CDX-MP70, CDX-MP80, CDX-MP450X, CDX-R30M, CDX-R505X, CDX-R3000, CDX-R3300, CDX-R3300S, CDX-RW300, CDX-S2000, CDX-S2000S, CDX-S2100, CDX-S3100, CDX-SW200, EXCD-51, EXCD-90, EXCD-206, MDX-C5960R, MDX-C5970, MDX-C5970R, MDX-C6500, MDX-C6500X, MDX-C7900, MDX-C7900R, MDX-C7970, MDX-C7970R, MDX-C8500R, MDX-C8500X, MDX-C8900, MDX-CA680, MDX-CA680X, MDX-F5800, MEX-1GP, MEX-1HD, MEX-5DI, MEX-BT2500, MEX-BT2600, MEX-BT2700, MEX-BT5000, MEX-BT5100, MEX-DV2000, MEX-HD, XAV-7W, XAV-W1, XR-130, XR-150, XR-340, XR-430, XR-1750, XR-1940, XR-3320, XR-4790, XR-4800, XR-4900, XR-4950X, XR-4954X, XR-C2300X, XR-C3000, XR-C4103, XR-C5090, XR-C5100, XR-C5300X, XR-C5305, XR-C5500, XR-C5600X, XR-C5604X, XR-C6090, XR-C6100, XR-C6100W, XR-C6103SP, XR-C7200, XR-C7220, XR-C7350X, XR-C7500R, XR-C7500RX, XR-C8220, XR-C9100, XR-CA350X, XR-CA400, XR-CA420, XR-CA420X, XR-CA430X, XR-CA440, XR-CA440X, XR-CA610X, XR-CA630X, XR-CA640X, XR-CA650X, XR-F1500, XR-F5100, XR-M500, XR-M500R, XR-M550, XR-SCA500, CDX-GS500R, CDX-GT270MP, CDX-GT470UM, CDX-GT570UP, CDX-GT575UP, CDX-GT660UP, CDX-GT710HD, MEX-BT31PW, MEX-BT3100P, MEX-BT4100P, MEX-GS600BT, MEX-GS610BT, MEX-GS810BH, MEX-N5000BT, MEX-N6000BH , WX-GT80UI, WX-GT90BT, XSP-N1BT....and More ⚠️Warning:This product can expose you to, known to the State of California to cause cancer. For more information, go to    


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