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Electronic Drum Controllers & Multipads

Electronic Drum Controllers & Multipads

  • Roland Bass Drum Pedal (KD-7)

    The Roland KD-7 is a dynamics-sensitive kick drum trigger that can be used with a standard kick drum pedal. It features a mix input for chaining two KD-7's for double-bass setup, and comes with a Beater and connection cable (kick drum pedal not included)...

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  • Roland Bass Drum Pedal (KT-10)

    Rock-Solid Playability In An Integrated Low-noise Design Featuring innovative new technology from Roland, the KT-10 provides authentic feel and playability in a low-noise kick trigger pedal for V-Drums sound modules and other electronic...

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  • Roland V Entry Electronic Drum Set (TD-1DMK)

    If you’ve always dreamed of playing drums, you’ll know it’s a powerful ambition. But along with the excitement, you may also feel that learning drums is too hard. While you certainly do have to put in some effort, becoming a tight...

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